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SocialOffset believes in the power of in-person events. Research is clear that humans connect with one another better when face-to-face than monitor-to-monitor. Whether your event brings together doctors who are convening about curing cancer, or small business owners showcasing next year’s offerings, or concert goers enjoying awesome music, in-person is critical. SocialOffset reduces the likelihood that people will boycott because the event is held in a location where state policies don’t align with their value. SocialOffset allows people to feel good about attending because they are doing good.

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Partner investments range from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the type and size of your organization. Tell us a bit about your partnership priorities and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Meet the founding partners.

SocialOffset is grateful for the early support of our founding partners. These organizations are helping shape and scale SocialOffset and advance social justice in their local communities.

 Deadline: January 31, 2023.

"Partnering with SocialOffset gives Visit Austin the platform to share with event planners and attendees many of the social issues that our community is proud to support. Not only are clients able to learn about these local non-profits through SocialOffset, but they also have the ability to support them, as well, through donations, volunteering opportunities and many more. It’s just another great tool that allows us to best serve our clients, visitors and the Austin community.”

Tom Noonan President & CEO, Visit Austin

"Social Offset is the perfect solution to planners and delegates looking for a way to use their voice (and their wallet) to support causes important to them, regardless of the external environment, regulations or circumstances. Boycotts don’t hurt the policy-makers, they hurt the people who need the business the most – the people delivering the services. This important option is available to anyone visiting a destination, whether you want to make a statement about local policy, or simply support a good cause you believe in and invest in the community you’re visiting."

Tammy Blount-Canavan, FCDME Visit Seattle, President & CEO

"Nashville is an open, welcoming city that respects and embraces the differences among us. We believe that our differences make our community stronger. The city, the industry and the NCVC have worked tirelessly on solutions in support of equity, inclusivity, sustainability and moderation. Boycotting cities does not help change laws or the minds of political leaders. Instead, it could inadvertently harm front line industry employees. So instead, make your voice heard by meeting in Music City and join our efforts! SocialOffset is a great way to help make those local connections, and we are proud to sponsor this effort. And, our organization is always happy to help further brainstorm in finding ways to make a positive community impact during your event in Nashville."

Deana Ivey CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

Here in Baltimore, inclusivity is at the forefront of what we do. We are committed to embracing our city’s rich diversity and striving to create a welcoming environment for a diverse array of travelers. As part of this commitment, we are excited to partner with SocialOffset to provide a platform to meeting planners that helps benefit local organizations making a difference in our community as the hospitality community works to address the social challenges taking place in destinations across the nation. At Visit Baltimore, we truly believe that the destination is only as healthy as your community. The more we can connect with local organizations to address the ongoing challenges within our individual communities, the more we can work to solve the greater issues taking place in cities across the nation.

Al Hutchinson President and CEO
Al Hutchinson

It is our mission at the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau to generate economic development through travel. Millions of visitors come to our city each year for conventions, business and leisure travel. We are proud to welcome the world to our region and strive to create a sense of inclusion and belonging to all. As the world continues to face challenges with social and political issues, SocialOffset offers an important opportunity for our visitors to support the causes that are important to them and invest in our community to impact positive change.

John Oros President & CEO, Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau
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