Housing Security

SocialOffset works to ensure the most vulnerable and hardest to house residents have access to safe and affordable housing. In the pursuit of this goal we partner with local nonprofits focused on both homelessness prevention and supportive housing.

So, instead of turning away when we visit, we’ll help you fuel the local organizations working hard to make a difference in the lives of people in crisis.

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Rising rent or mortgage costs, foreclosure, loss of a job, or simply not having enough money to afford the high upfront costs of renting or buying are challenges that can force individuals and families into living conditions they would not choose otherwise.

Jubilee Housing

America’s affordable housing crisis poses significant long-term risks to the stability and well-being of the lowest income residents—those with incomes at or below each community’s median household income.

Thrive DC

A safe and stable home is the foundation for health, well-being and prosperity. Where one lives can determine whether they’re connected to quality jobs and schools, reliable transportation, and safe places for children to play and be active as they grow.


The unsheltered population includes people with behavioral health conditions; kids and young adults; pregnant individuals and families living in cars or tents; veterans without adequate support following military service, and older adults whose needs can no longer be met in shelters.

Up to 40,000 people without homes die every year in the U.S. At least 20 people experiencing homelessness die every single day in America, in cars, tents, shelters, and in the streets. Almost all of these deaths are preventable.

Source: National Health Care for the Homeless Council

These increasingly visible realities of homelessness can also stand in stark contrast to the reputation and desirability of your event destination.

0 million
million Americans are low-income earners, resulting in housing insecurity. 1-in-14 school age students have insecure housing.
0 +
people in America are living in a state of homelessness.

Source: White House

0 %
of people who are homeless are kids, and 42% of those children identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Source: Street Kids

0 %
of unhoused people are Black, a huge disparity from the 13% Black representation in the total US population.

Source: Forbes

0 %
of homeless individuals are male, and of those men 40% are veterans.

Source: HUD Exchange

0 %
of people who are homeless in the U.S. live in Washington DC, New York, Hawaii, Oregon, and California

Source: White House

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